There is a point in our lives where we have to make a difficult choice - Do we keep a friend or tell the truth? Researchers have found that by 10 most of us have made the choice to keep a friend and that stays with us for the rest of our lives. What if we could learn how to tell the truth and keep a friend?

Whenever people are interacting with each other, there is the potential for disagreement, challenge and conflict. One of the differentiators of successful people at all levels of an organisation is the confidence and ability to engage and perform in these difficult conversations.

Whether it is aggressive or upset clients, a workplace bully or an under-performing team member our Mastering Difficult Conversations program provides participants with knowledge and practical strategies to influence positive outcomes. This course offers a variety of practical learning opportunities for participants to develop skills in identifying conflicts and resolving them constructively and in the process learning how to tell the truth whilst maintaining a respectful and productive working relationships.

This interactive scenario based program is backed by some of the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology and will help you to not only understand the mechanics of the difficult conversation, but the reasons why people react the way they do and how to successfully navigate the conversation.

Tangible Outcomes

In this session, you will:
  • Identify and apply strategies for self management during conflict
  • Learn to manage the emotional temperature of the other person
  • Practice a variety of tactics on dealing with difficult people
  • Address personal styles of conflict resolution
  • Learn active listening and questioning techniques
  • Apply assertiveness techniques
  • Be more aware of managing your own anger and that of the other person
  • Develop skills to influence and persuade
  • Be more confident in handling difficult situations