Profiling Tools

TP Human Capital utilises a range of profiling tools to enhance your training experience



GENOS Organisational Effectiveness and Employee Engagement Tool


Staff peak performance can be improved in your business with the help of innovative GENOS systems.  Ask us how we can help you improve Employee Engagement Levels and the effectiveness of organisational strategies.

GENOS Emotional Intelligence – 360-degree feedback

Why Emotional Intelligence?

“…the body of global research that proves when higher levels of EI are present – in leaders, sales people, customer service reps, or just about any role within an organisation that involves interaction with other people – greater individual effectiveness results…leaders with higher levels of EI are better at creating the conditions where motivation, inspiration and innovation can flourish…”

Belbin Team Roles

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The  Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) is the  assessment tool at the heart of Herrmann International’s Whole Brain®  Thinking approach.

For  three decades the HBDI®, which profiles learning and thinking  preferences through the framework of the Whole Brain® Model, has been the instrument of choice for driving  performance at many of the world’s most admired organisations.