Training ROI – staff retention

What is your Training ROI (Return on Investment)?

Training is a key component in any organisations retention strategy. And in the current economy retaining your KEY STAFF is critical.  One of the best ways to improve confident, engagement, and retention in a tough economy is to invest in training your staff.

Yet all too often, potential benefits from staff training are lost, because the support structure required for the application of learning is absent.

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Let’s face it – nobody can afford to send people for training just for the fun of it. We all expect that training will somehow impact upon a person’s present or future ability to contribute to the employing organization. So, how do we get value?

  • Integrate it with other management systems, ie reference it to performance management systems and other career development initiatives
  • Plan it, and then deliberately and clearly link it to workplace outcomes
  • Provide an infrastructure that supports the learner’s application of what has been learned

“Training is such a positive experience for everyone; however this can be tainted when basic strategies are not implemented to support this up-skilling process.  Plan it properly and the results will speak for themselves” Clayton Cook has suggested.

Getting value from training requires integration, planning, follow-up and infrastructure. While getting value should be a shared responsibility on the part of attendee(s) and manager, the manager(s) plays a critical role in helping to create the conditions under which training will add value.