The best teams build high performance cultures

Join Scott and Brian and discover how the best teams build high performance cultures despite holding different values.

All teams have a culture – ‘The way we work around here’. It is reflected in the way a group of people communicate, interact, make decisions and approach their work.

As managers we can either cross our fingers and hope that the team naturally gels, or we can proactively build a culture that will support people to perform at their best, individually and collectively. The challenge is in bringing a diverse workgroup to embrace a common set of core expectations.

Tailored for business owners, managers, team leaders and HR professionals this interactive session looks at:

  • Common team obstacles.
  • Demystifying values.
  • Making it tangible – turning values into behavioural expectations.
  • Imbedding and maintaining a high performance culture.
  • How to encourage team ownership and commitment.

Please contact us to organise a free no obligation appointment to discuss how this will benefit your businesses.  Find out how it has worked for many other businesses and industries across North Qld.   Talk to Scott Timmins 47723800 or send an email